About TenCure

TenCure is a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing a new class of personalized oncology therapeutics for epithelial solid tumors including skin, colon and pancreatic cancer. 

As part of our drug pipeline we identified a new MOA (Mechanism of Action) by which the insulin signaling pathway affects cancer formation and progression. This new MOA explains the marked increased prevalence of cancer in diabetes and obesity.

Consequently, the company develops inhibitory agents within the insulin signaling pathway that deactivate these targets. These drug candidates inhibit cancer cell proliferation, dramatically eradicate tumor formation and early on suppress malignant tumor progression. 

The new MOA and novel targets represent an exciting breakthrough in understanding the pathology of cancer. TenCure’s drug candidates provide the basis for development of novel cancer therapies addressing various solid cancer indications that are resistant to current treatment modalities. TenCure's technology integrates with the current emerging concept of targeted medicines where personalized treatment regimens are tailored to fit patient’s tumor specific characteristics.

TenCure was founded in 2012 by Tamar Tennenbaum, MD PhD. Dr. Tennenbaum is an acknowledged scientist, biotech entrepreneur and physician, specializing in dermatology, oncology, gene therapy and cell signaling. The company is managed by a highly experienced team, and its scientific advisory board includes recognized and highly honored scientists and industry experts from all over the world.      

TenCure headquarters is located in Hi-Tech Village, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.