Business Strategy


De-Risking Development Model

Identifying the critical path in early drug development to maximize efficiency and minimize risks.

TenCure's well experienced management team has set a development model based on de-risking principles. The aim of this model is to shorten significantly the development path, reduce the financial costs and increase the odds of bringing a mature product to advanced clinical trials within 3 years. 


The Market

Cancer drug development is currently the strongest driver in the Pharma industry. Cancer therapies are one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the pharmaceutical industry. Several factors including age, diabetes and obesity are driving a 12% -15% annual sales increase, currently estimated to reach $ 110B. The majority of the current cancer drug development programs are focused on personalized, target directed therapies, where treatment is tailored to the individual patient in accordance with specific tumor characteristics.


Intellectual Property

TenCure's goal is to globally obtain, maintain and enforce patent protection for all our drug agents, processes, methods and other proprietary technologies related to our platform.  We aim to construct  a bullet proof IP stand to reinforce TenCure's dominance in the novel technologies.  


Business Strategy