Our Team


Tamar Tennenbaum, Ph.D, M.D

CEO & Founder  

Dr. Tennenbaum is an acknowledged biotech entrepreneur, physician and scientist, specializing in skin physiology and cancer pathology, gene therapy and PKC signaling. 

Prior to TenCure, Dr. Tennenbaum was the CEO of HealOr (2002-2011), a company she founded as a spin out of her academic career. Under her leadership, the company has developed into a fully integrated clinical stage company with a focus on the dermatology and wound care markets and a versatile portfolio with four products in various phases of clinical studies. Dr. Tennenbaum managed development programs including manufacturing, regulatory and quality affairs leading drug candidates through Phase I and Phase II/III clinical trials, advancing the robust patent position of the company with more than 130 patents submitted and more than 35 patents granted. As the CEO of HealOr, Dr. Tennenbaum played a key role in raising over $40 million from VC, private investors and OCS funds. 

Dr. Tennenbaum is the laureate of prestigious awards and grants including the Rothschild fellowship award, Fulbright award, ISF, GIF, ICRF and DKFZ grants and the J&J focus-funding program, and an author of over 50 scientific publications and book chapters in peer review journals.  


Dr. Efrat Wertheimer, M.D, Ph.D

Chief Scientist

Dr. Wertheimer is a leading researcher in the field of Diabetes, Insulin and Insulin Receptors, wound healing and skin pathology. She is an associate professor in the Department of Pathology, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University. Dr. Wertheimer holds a M.D from Tel Aviv University, and Ph.D from the Dept. of Endocrinology and Metabolism, from the Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem. Dr. Wertheimer is the laureate of prestigious awards and grants, including the Wolfson fellowship award, the American Physician Fellowship - Kass Fund Award for Medical Research, JDRF career development award, and ISF, ICRF, IDDT, JDRF, D-CURE and DKFZ research grants, and is an author over 50 scientific publications and book chapters in peer review journals.


Dario Veretnik, Ph.D

Head of CMC and Regulatory

Dr. Veretnik is an appreciated and experienced expert in CMC aspects of the biotech industry, including analytical toxicology and regulatory process vs. FDA-EMEA for drug approval. Dr. Vertetnik earned his Ph.D in Chemistry from the Weizmann institute. He held management positions in product development, production, quality control and regulatory in several pharmaceutical companies, including Exalenz Bioscience, Inotek Corp., Perrigo/Chemagis, Agis industries and Israel Chemicals (ICL) group. 

Dr. Veretnik won prestigious awards and recognitions for his scientific achievements such as Honor Recognition of the Israeli Knesset for outstanding Scientific Research, and Haim Holtzmann Prize of the Weizmann Institute. 


Yulia Binyamin, LL.B

Business Development and Operations 

Ms. Binyamin joined TenCure from its beginning, and manages all operative aspects of the company. Prior to TenCure, she served as senior consultant at Rimon-Cohen-Sheinkman – a leading Strategy, Media Consultancy and Crisis Management Agency, and was a financial news editor in Channel 2 news. She earned her law degree from Tel-Aviv University.

Tamar Tennenbaum, Ph.D, M.D